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woah, hold it there sweetie. Don't ever think about killing yourself EVER. That hashtag is a NO NO. You don't need "more" friends to comfort you. Quality over quantity. Stick with the real good friends. maybe ask them for help. Hang in there. I hope you're alright.

The things is, though, I don’t have many friends. So I can’t really ask anyone for help. Someone who has been my best friend for almost 4 years just doesn’t want to talk a lot or hang out anymore, yet I’m always there for her. My other friends are spread across the states. Basically what I’m saying is, I have good friends, but they are over long distances, I have no one in the same city that’s willing to stick with me right now. All of the friends I know in real life left me thanks to my ex boyfriend. 


I’m literally going so insane. All of my friends are over long distances and I have one friend in my home time. I’ve lost all of my friends thanks to my ex boyfriend, or just for stupid reasons. I’m honestly considering counseling again because I just can’t take the constant loneliness during the week and being with friends on the weekend. It’s literally killing me. It’s not the “I want to kill myself" kind of feeling, it’s just that "maybe I should relapse" or "maybe I should show them how much this hurts". I’ve lost so many friends and it just feels unreal. I just need more, reliable, fun and exciting friends.

Seriously, if you want to watch Pretty Little Liars, any season, any episode, google “Stream-TV Pretty Litte Liars”. 


You’re welcome.

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Attention LDR Couples!

Are you always wondering when to get your Holiday Ticket? Look no further.


I made valentines foxes!

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